A few words about me

Currently, I am a PhD student at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) and a member of the Distributed Information Systems Lab (LSIR) working on credibility of scientific news. I obtained my BSc and MSc degrees from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (NKUA) where I was also a member of the Knowledge Representation, Reasoning and Analytics Lab (KR). My research interests span the overlapping areas of Data Analysis, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and Semantic Web.


Thesis (tentative): SciLens: Evaluating the Quality of Scientific News
Advisors: Prof. Karl Aberer, Prof. Carlos Castillo

2-year Master of Science

2011 - 2014

Specialization: Advanced Information Systems
Thesis: Discovering Spatial and Temporal Links among RDF Data
Supervisor: Prof. Manolis Koubarakis
GPA: 8.76

4-year Bachelor of Science

2007 - 2011

Specialization: Computer Systems and Applications
Thesis: Storing RDF data and evaluating SPARQL queries using MapReduce
Supervisor: Prof. Manolis Koubarakis
GPA: 8.36

Selected Publications

You can also check the full list of my publications or my DBLP and Google Scholar profiles.

P. Smeros, C. Castillo and K. Aberer. SciLens: Evaluating the Quality of Scientific News Articles Using Social Media and Scientific Literature Indicators. In the 28th World Wide Web Conference (TheWebConf 2019). San Francisco, California, USA. 13-17 May, 2019.

M.A. Sherif, K. Dreßler, P. Smeros and A.-C. Ngonga Ngomo. Radon – Rapid Discovery of Topological Relations. In the 31st AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI 17). San Francisco, California, USA. 4-9 February, 2017. [pdf]

K. Bereta, P. Smeros and M. Koubarakis. Representing and Querying the valid time of triples for Linked Geospatial Data. In the 10th Extended Semantic Web Conference (ESWC 2013). Montpellier, France. 26-30 May, 2013. [pdf]

P. Smeros, A. Gupta, M. Catasta and K. Aberer. deepschema.org: An Ontology for Typing Entities in the Web of Data. In the 10th Workshop on Linked Data on the Web (LDOW 2017). Perth, WA, Australia. 3 April, 2017. [pdf] [slides]

P. Smeros and M. Koubarakis. Discovering Spatial and Temporal Links among RDF Data. In the 9th Workshop on Linked Data on the Web (LDOW 2016). Montreal, Canada. 11 April, 2016. [pdf] [slides]

K. Kyzirakos, M. Koubarakis, P. Smeros and D. Savva. Tutorial on Publishing and Interlinking Linked Geospatial Data. In the 12th Extended Semantic Web Conference (ESWC 2015). Portoroz, Slovenia. 31 May - 4 June, 2015. [link]

Research Experience


Open Source Projects

Teaching Experience


3-year funding for project SciLens


10 fun facts about me

  • I have a left-handed guitar and that's the closest I could get to Jimi Hendrix.
  • I have been called Punayiotis intendedly because I like puns.
  • I'm supporting several independent bloggers, journalists, musicians, directors, stand-up comedians and comics artists.
  • I have an incognito Instagram profile where I'm pretending to be a Food Blogger - Recipe Influencer - Healthy Lifestyle Enthusiast.
  • I almost missed a return flight from Australia once to meet a quokka.
  • I also have a successful Facebook meme page and a Twitter gag account.
  • There exist some people who believe that I'm a professional DJ; I've refused an offer to play in a huge event.
  • I'm the president of the most lovable student association in the town.
  • My supervillain name would be The Incredible Slurp of The Av(egg)zers.
  • I asked once my female teacher if Amp x Volt = Ohm. That's Watt she said.